Proffessor Christopher B Lynch

Professor Chris.B.Lynch is an English Doctor born in Sierra Leone. He is the inventor of the gynaecological  procedure that has has saved over 2 million women's lives at childbirth



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The video is about the story of Dr Chris.B.Lynch. Internationally he is known for the invention of the operation that prevented women from dying at childbirth. He said in the video that the World Health Organisation has listed that his operation has saved over 2 million women worldwide. HE spoke about being Nominated for a Nobel prize coming in third place. He also spoke about how he was given the honour of the membership of the European Academy of science and arts which he mentioned you had to be the top of your profession to see that honour.



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Did you Know!?

In 1984 he was appointed consultant to the oxford region which is based at Milton Keynes Hospital where he set up the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology